3 simple steps to setup your own blog or website ??

3 simple steps to setup your own blog or website ??

Recently my friend asked me “Bro, I want to start my own blog, how do I start?” and I feel that it will be good and beneficial for those who wanted to start your own blog.

Having your own blog is like :-

  1. Your Own Internet ‘home’
  2. Your Own Journal / Diary
  3.  Your way of helping others through your experiences and specialty

So this is how I describe to my friend. He asked me how can he get started? I advised to think and write down these important factors to his blog.

  • What is the purpose of his blog
  • What message does he want to share with people out there?
  • How can he help people who are reading his blog?
  • Does he want to have his own domain name?

I also told him that he need 3 things to start his blog.

  1. Domain name ( highly recommend to have his name as the domain name ) – a domain name is like his apartment number or door number in the internet world. Although there are free services, your domain name will have extension like “http://kennethisaiah.blogspot.com” instead of “http://www.kennethisaiah.com”. You will also have lesser designs choices, functions and revenue. If one of these services closed down, your business will close down too. That’s why I highly recommend him to have his own domain to have more control and look more professional. I’m using www.namecheap.com
  2. Hosting server – choosing a hosting server is very very crucial in setting your own website or blog. Initially, I started with Hostjill.com and my website always got hacked in or I cannot log in because or unauthorised log in that cause the hosting server to shut down my website. I am now using Trixiehost.com because of their customer support and reliability. Even since I used them, I have yet had a hacker that hacked into my website.
  3. WordPress – easier to learn with lots of youtube video tutorials and if in future you would like to outsource your website to a third-party. It will be easier too.


He is flying off to Europe for a month of vacations and I told him that it will be a good time for him to think about the content that he wanted to share with everyone. Maybe documenting his one month Europe trip will be good to start off with!


I hope that the above is useful and if you find that useful do share it around!


God Bless


Kenneth Isaiah

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