DIGITAL ALTITUDE : The Ultimate System That Many People Are Making Money With

DIGITAL ALTITUDE : The Ultimate System That Many People Are Making Money With

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Digital Altitude is an e-learning marketing company which aims to help people in starting and scaling a digital business.  It’s an educational programme that provides ‘Step By Step’ system in running an online business.

Digital Altitude

The Company

I would pretty much summarise that DA is a personal development business that develop you into a digital marketer or online businessman from ground up. It build young entrepreneurs with lots of growth in them as a person and also a successful entrepreneur.

Why Digital Altitude? It build on Integrity as it is founded by Michael Force, a former Marine and I totally resonate with him as I was also from a elite force in my active army days. DA worked on high-ticket affiliate programs which makes a lot of sense for young entrepreneurs to be able to be successful financially in a shorter period of time. The whole look and feel of the whole company using “Climbing up the Peak” makes us understand the whole entreprenuer journey better.


The Products

Core Products.

  • Aspire. ($37 or $67 per month) Digital Business Sales System.  It is a starter kit for newbies where you get business training videos, coaches who had done 6-7 figures online to coach you. As for commission payouts, all the payroll services, networking, support, and live chat for your business websites are in place.
  • Base.  ($397)  Digital Business Mastery Course.  How to set up business goals, financials, brands, websites.  These are stuffs that you have to attend a lot of different seminars in order to master Digital Business but you get it all here at Base.
  • Rise.  ($1,497) Digital Marketing Mastery Course.  This is the advanced version of “Base”.
  • Ascend.  ($6,997)  Digital Business Profit Workshop.  This is a three-day ‘LIVE’ workshop event held in Las Vegas.
  • Peak.  ($11,997) Business Prosper Retreat.  This is a five-day all-inclusive retreat for two.  Learn from business leaders and listen to great speakers.
  • Apex.  ($19,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience.  7-day all-inclusive retreat for two.  This is the top level where you are not longer just digital entrepreneurs, you are going to be investors and businessmen!

Add-on Products.

  • Traffic & Funnel products.  Traffic packages to help you build and monetize your email lists.  “Funnel services”.  12 products and services.

The Compensation Plan

60 income streams, 19 of which are residual.

  • Aspire. You make 40% commission, 1 tier payout at the $37 level and 60% commission on 3 tiers of payout at the $67 level.  That’s $17/$41 per month for every person you refer to the program.
  • Base. You make 60% commission over three tiers (comes to $240 per sale).  If you need help closing the sale, you get 40% commission (making $160).
  • Rise.  You make 60% commission over three tiers, which comes to $899 per sale.  If you choose to have a life coach to close the sale for you, it’s 40% commission over three tiers, or $600.
  • Ascend. You make 60% or 40%, same as above.  That comes out to $4250/$1900 per sale.
  • Peak.  60%/40%  and you make $7,200 or $4,800, across three tiers.
  • Apex.  60%/40% and you make $12,000 or $8000, across three tiers.

On all sales, you must have reached the level that you’re selling in order to get the commission.  Otherwise it passes up and your sponsor gets the commission payout.  There are bulk pricing options, should you choose to buy/sell products all at once.


I get to see people from all walks of life having success and earning a full-time income online with Digital Altitude.


Digital Altitude is a perfect fit for anyone especially a total newbie because you will be coached by 6-7 figures mentors who are closing all the sales for you while you are learning to become a successful Internet Marketer and living a home-based business by working from your laptop.

So you can EARN while you LEARN. This is what I love about DA which is impossible in normal school education where you PAY to LEARN!

You can too be like the leaders that are a 5-6 figures earner, by simply taking a 14 day trial for $1 with Digital Altitude by clicking the button bellow!



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