Hi all! I am Kenneth, an average guy in my mid-thirties, happily married with a 7 years old daughter & a beautiful wife. My mission in Life is to impact more lives and be a part to change lives too. I hope that my story can inspire more people coming out from the RAT RACE and start chasing their dreams.

Key to Success

Since young, my life had been very orderly until an incident that happened when I am in Primary 2. Back then, we have ECA aka Extra Curricular Activities and I was attracted to Tae Kwan Do martial arts. I wanted to enrol myself in after going through a week of trial classes, BUT I couldn’t because I couldn’t afford to buy the TKD uniform which cost about SGD$100+. I was very sad and little did I realise that this incident resulted me being rebellious during my teenage days. I did everything different from what my parents wanted me to be. I joined the School Band thou my parents were not really approve off but I became one of the top leaders in the School Band as the Senior Drum Major. I was really competitive and confident! Since young, I have this thinking that studies are not important and getting good grades is never my cup of tea.

In my Life, I have always wanted more for myself and for my family. In my school days, I love to draw and create things. I love to imagine things and dream about the future.


So I got myself into Temasek Polytechnic and studied Fashion Designing. I graduated majored in Designing but reality hit when I started looking for fashion designing jobs. I got a marketing executive position in a company who sell Fabric and have a fabric mill in Johor Bahru.

youngme2007 Funky Me :) @2007 

After a few disappointments looking for a fashion designer position, I got a position as a marketing executive position in a company. This company sell Fabric and have a fabric mill in Johor Bahru.  I really love the job as I get to liaise with big companies like BABY GAP & OLD NAVY. But after a year in the company, the board of directors decided to close down the Singapore office which is the one I’m working in. Hence after leaving this company, I finally had a fashion designing job in a babywear company. In my 3 1/2 years this company, I have a pay raise and a promotion from a designer to a product development executive where I handle basically from designing to retail merchandise in our retail stores.

designerme2008 張艾嘉 Sylvia Chang & I @2008

At this point, I just got married and I wanted to move up the corporate ladder and ask my manager if there are any opportunities for me to get promoted and pay raise. She told me that it is quite impossible because if she would give me a promotion that will be me taking over her position. My manager advised me why not I go out and see the ‘world’. Through my family members and close friends, they suggested why not I try doing sales.

That’s how my sales career started!

In the past 8 years of my life, I have been working in the Sales and Marketing in both the media & financial industry. I have been in jobs that I have “No Time, No Money BUT happy” & also “Have Time, Have Money BUT not happy”. In fact, in one of my previous employment I was suffering from depression for 6 months. One day, my daughter came to me and ask me “Papa, how come you stop talking to me?” This statement from my daughter “woke” me up and got me out of this suffering. I realise that I wasn’t living life on my own terms and I was living on others’ terms. I want to have the freedom to spend more and quality time with my family BUT how? So I realise that I need to do something so I began searching.

Even since that day, I was constantly searching for something that I will “Have Time, Have Money AND Happy!” I knew that I was meant for something bigger and better where I can help to impact and change people’s lives!

On Feb 2014, a friend of mine called me and say that her husband have something interesting that maybe I want to check it out. Since I was searching for something, I felt that I need to go and check it out. After I found out how my friend is able to achieve a time & financial freedom through a platform. It opened my eyes for more possibilities to lead a Life on my own terms.

If my friend have pre-judge me or assume that it wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t have gone for 10 vacations/holidays in 2 years. This decision changed my Life!

The memories that I have created in the past 2 years with my family members and loved ones are priceless. I couldn’t imagine that a simple decision that I have made, had turn all these into reality – now I am living full time! Having the time freedom to spend time with my lovely daughter Denyse, my parents, my sisters & last but not least, my beloved wife.

I used to work for long hours and sometime my weekends are burnt due to roadshows and events. Sometime when I don’t have to work, I need to “appear” at work because our bosses expect us to be around. I have to spend a lot of time building rapport with my clients, as a sales person we have sales target that increases yearly by 50%-100% which is so ridiculous and our bosses expect us to hit it even they knew it is almost impossible or they can’t even hit it by themselves. Even though I was hitting my sales target by 100% and more consistently, it wasn’t enough for the management.

I was so grateful for everything that had happened for me in the past, but I came to realize I was DESTINED for something even MORE.

Working for people became very frustrating for me. Something wasn’t just right.

I knew that I couldn’t change the environment nor the bosses I worked for. That’s when I knew I have to CHANGE !
So that why I decided to follow my dreams and start building my dreams instead of building others’.

I wanted to do it NOW before I turned 40s or older! I have already wasted 10 years of my life working for others and nothing turned out good for me or my loved ones.

I want to make a LIVING…. LIVING!.

Breaking the news to my family was extremely difficult because I always wanted to please others over myself — especially family. However, trying to fit into that environment wasn’t working…

It was time to start living MY life for ME.

I eventually came across a group of like-minded people who lead to me to people that helped me to discover more about myself and eventually build the lifestyle that I always wanted for me and my family. I would also want to thank GOD for putting me to these tests, build me to the person I am now, blessing me the strength for me to embrace this journey and allow me to bless more people by sharing with them that this lifestyle is possible!

Today I pack up and leave to travel whenever I want. I truly live life on MY terms. I can always make time for my loved ones rather than telling them that I am busy…. Blah blah blah….. I can attend any events that my daughter has without asking or apply for leave and to have them approve. Able to be there for my loved ones whenever they need me. This freedom is priceless and it only take a DECISION.

And now that I have reached my HIGHER POWER, I have unlocked NEW dreams…

Today I want to help OTHERS…

I want to help as many people as I can achieve what I have, so they too can experience ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

I know that working for something you are not passionate about can be draining, especially when you know deep down, you can be doing something MUCH GREATER.

I want others to feel they are in full control of their life and their own dreams as opposed to having it controlled by others.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know I believe in YOU…

I know you can live your dreams.

If you’re interested, I know that I can help put you on to the right path to achieving them.

This lifestyle is truly possible for anyone – yes YOU CAN have this too.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I’ve been able to find this lifestyle, comment “lifestyle” below… and I will help you to achieve what you want to achieve!


~ Kenneth Isaiah